In this warming-up exercise the singers are divided into two groups. In turn these groups sing a number of notes. The melody of the exercise is like this:
After the singers have practiced the melody a couple of times, you are split into two groups. There are several ways to make these groups. You can sing with the women versus the men. Another possibility is to make equal groups. In that case, it’s practical to have the choir stand mixed. Yet another way to make the division is to appoint specific parts to the groups.

Both groups sing alternately a bar of the melody:The melody is constructed in such a way that in bar one group 1 is starting and halfway the exercise group 2 is starting.

The challenge for the singers is to connect the notes as well as possible to the other group, both in timing as in volume and vocal color.


You can perform the exercise in other ways as well. One variation is to let both groups in turn sing just a single note of the melody:
Another – rhythmically demanding – variation is to have the groups sing two notes alternately:Note that in this case, halfway the exercise group 1 is singing just a single note.