The Build-Up of a Rehearsal

Most choirs rehearse once every week. What is a good build-up for such an afternoon or evening? What is a reasonable number of songs to work on in a meeting?

A good start for rehearsing is to do warm-ups. In this the choir members sing exercises to loosen the voice and to focus on the choral sound. The singers get a chance to focus on the group. Warming up is very useful. But it shouldn’t take too long, because it reduces the time of the actual rehearsing. Ten to fifteen minutes will mostly suffice.

Warm-Up a la Pärt

partHere is another warm-up exercise. The melody somehow reminds me of An den Wassern zu Babel by Pärt. In this exercise singers will learn to distinguish between ascending and descending fourths and fifths.

To start with, sing the following melody, in which the jumps are getting bigger each time: